Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic Takes on NHL Deadline Day 2014

What always feels like a great big national holiday, the NHL trade deadline is met with a lot of hype and anticipation from every hockey fan in North America. Any trade could make or break a team. In my opinion, the cascading result is going to focus onto some of the teams that are on the bubble (just out of the playoffs looking for a boost back in the playoff hunt). Toronto, Detroit, Minnesota, Dallas,.. I'm looking to each team to make a blockbuster deal at the 3pm.

As Penguins fans now know through learning the hard way, the way to build a championship team is through avoiding messing with team chemistry. They have been mentioned a couple of times linked with several

Let's take a look at the trades that have led up to this trading deadline thus far:

To the Florida Panthers goes goaltender Roberto Luongo (aka "strombone" for his twitter handle) for young prospect Markstrom.

To the St. Louis Blues goaltender Ryan Miller and Steve Ott for goaltender Jaro Halak and...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

The one only universal force that brings people around the world together more than hockey is the spirit of Christmas. So, this year, the annual Christmas tradition of a video greeting is in the all-inclusive intentions. I hope that other fans might voice themselves more in to finding what kind of content they expect from Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic in 2014.

From us here at the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic weblog. Have a very Merry Christmas. May all your hockey dreams come true for one 24 timespan.

I hope that Santa Claus knows how to shop at Shop

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project for Awesome 2013 - Mandi Schwartz Foundation

One of the best ways to give on the holiday season is to give to those in need. Every year, I highlight a special hockey related foundation to highlight for the Project for Awesome website campaign. It's a great way to get introduced to new funds and charities that really need the attention and money to keep hope (and awesomeness) alive into the next year.
This year, I've chosen to highlight the Mandi Schwartz Foundation because it's a situation that became a heart-felt story where a young woman was in dire need of help. Whereas I think hockey fans are so special, the true goodness in everyone shines through when one of our own is in trouble.

But as I wrote about Mandi's tragic loss in 2011, her life and personality and will to persevere is carried on through her family and friends.

Please consider giving to the Mandi Schwartz Foundation or get yourself tested as a possible bone marrow doner. It would be awesome!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Tournaments 2013

It's that time of year again where Americans settle in for some turkey and pie and be thankful for each other and our prosperity (no matter what level). But for other families it means that hockey moms sometimes dread the long weekend of hauling off to some tournament while the kids are off of school. The Pond Ice Rink in Newark, Deleware, USA has been doing many of Thanksgiving tournaments for pee-wee teams from all over for many years.

Since considering myself a graphic arts design enthusiast, I will share this years logo with you as I have done with the yearly tradition.

This year's logo is a little different from the usual sharpness and attention to detail like the other ones have. It has a faded look, but still would look great on any brown, orange, or burnt sienna colored t-shirt. The anthropomorphic turkey is still cartoon looking compared to thee years ago which was a more formal distinguished look.
Good luck to all those teams participating in the week's festivities. - Be respectful to your teammates as well as your opponents.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Penn State Posts Victory in Pegula Premire

Penn State University dominated the ACHA while I was a undergrad student there during the early 2000's. Under the tutelage of Joe Batista, the quaint hockey rink housed a lot of memories for me as well as the team. Now that the team has been upgraded and introduced to the Division 1 level of sports, it's time to make many more memories in the new Pegula Ice Arena.

I've had the honor of serving as the Public Address announcer in the Greenberg PSU Ice Pavilion for womens' hockey and now that I've come to see what the mens and womens teams have developed into, it's become an exciting time. When I was in Penn State back in April of 2013, there wasn't much to report on. The arena was still waiting to be built and the land around it still needed to take shape.

Fast forward to today where the Penn State Nittany Lions men's hockey team have christened the new 6,000 seat arena with a big win over Army. (Yes, even I didn't know Army had a hockey team too.)

Go check out the game report by Go PSU sports with all of the game highlights at the new arena.

[Via: Go PSU Sports]

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Detroit Goalie Mask Gets More Attention to Breast Cancer Awareness October

Jimmy Howard's Mask October 2013
Sports leagues in October (as well as this hockey blog) have been very eager to help create sensitivity and awareness towards social issues like the need for more breast cancer research funding. In the NHL, they started with little "Hokey Fights Cancer" stickers on helmets. But then they started selling a lot of pink NHL merchandise and the fad of publicly showing support of breast cancer charity.

Since then, all hockey leagues at all levels have some kind of month long event. Even here at Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic
we choose to honor the fight for a cure and donate for continued research in cancer medical research.

This year, Detroit's Jimmy Howard is taking the month of October to a newer level and will debut a new pink ribbon mask (seen at right). What do you think of the mask design? Is this another leap forward in the pink phenomenon that continues to grow every year?

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sabres to Market Games in Ontario

One of the bigger challenges for hockey owners is expanding the team's fan base and stretching their advertising dollars. The Buffalo Sabres have been around since 1970 and know that they have some Canadian fans who come across from Ontario. So, they have struck a deal with BellTV to broadcast 50 games in the Niagara region.
Bell will not charge additional fees for broadcasting the games. The first broadcast will be Buffalo's home game against Columbus on Thursday.
That seems like a great thing - for now. But with the "success" of a lot of tiered cable packages here in the States, I'm sure Bell will figure out how to make some more additional money out of it in the following seasons.

This raises a little bit of concern for the NHL though who is on record during the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy court case media circus. The head offices, to my perception, want to protect each market region where teams already exist. It was their biggest defense against moving the Coyotes to southern Ontario. The Maple Leafs and Sabres are already regional rivals - I just hope that they could play nice here while it seems to extend the bigger and better virtues of growing hockey continent wide.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]