Monday, October 14, 2013

Penn State Posts Victory in Pegula Premire

Penn State University dominated the ACHA while I was a undergrad student there during the early 2000's. Under the tutelage of Joe Batista, the quaint hockey rink housed a lot of memories for me as well as the team. Now that the team has been upgraded and introduced to the Division 1 level of sports, it's time to make many more memories in the new Pegula Ice Arena.

I've had the honor of serving as the Public Address announcer in the Greenberg PSU Ice Pavilion for womens' hockey and now that I've come to see what the mens and womens teams have developed into, it's become an exciting time. When I was in Penn State back in April of 2013, there wasn't much to report on. The arena was still waiting to be built and the land around it still needed to take shape.

Fast forward to today where the Penn State Nittany Lions men's hockey team have christened the new 6,000 seat arena with a big win over Army. (Yes, even I didn't know Army had a hockey team too.)

Go check out the game report by Go PSU sports with all of the game highlights at the new arena.

[Via: Go PSU Sports]

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