Thursday, October 10, 2013

Detroit Goalie Mask Gets More Attention to Breast Cancer Awareness October

Jimmy Howard's Mask October 2013
Sports leagues in October (as well as this hockey blog) have been very eager to help create sensitivity and awareness towards social issues like the need for more breast cancer research funding. In the NHL, they started with little "Hokey Fights Cancer" stickers on helmets. But then they started selling a lot of pink NHL merchandise and the fad of publicly showing support of breast cancer charity.

Since then, all hockey leagues at all levels have some kind of month long event. Even here at Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic
we choose to honor the fight for a cure and donate for continued research in cancer medical research.

This year, Detroit's Jimmy Howard is taking the month of October to a newer level and will debut a new pink ribbon mask (seen at right). What do you think of the mask design? Is this another leap forward in the pink phenomenon that continues to grow every year?

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]

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