Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Holiday Tournaments 2013

It's that time of year again where Americans settle in for some turkey and pie and be thankful for each other and our prosperity (no matter what level). But for other families it means that hockey moms sometimes dread the long weekend of hauling off to some tournament while the kids are off of school. The Pond Ice Rink in Newark, Deleware, USA has been doing many of Thanksgiving tournaments for pee-wee teams from all over for many years.

Since considering myself a graphic arts design enthusiast, I will share this years logo with you as I have done with the yearly tradition.

This year's logo is a little different from the usual sharpness and attention to detail like the other ones have. It has a faded look, but still would look great on any brown, orange, or burnt sienna colored t-shirt. The anthropomorphic turkey is still cartoon looking compared to thee years ago which was a more formal distinguished look.
Good luck to all those teams participating in the week's festivities. - Be respectful to your teammates as well as your opponents.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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