Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving for Hockey !!

Once again, it is the traditional gathering of people everywhere in America to take the time and be mindful of the appreciation to the good things and people around us. So, along with the standard answers that I am thankful every year (i.e. family, job, talents, etc...) I am also glad that I have a passion for a great game that has opened many opportunities to me to meet many other fans, players, and cities.

So, why not continue to include hockey into many important celebrations and traditions year after year? A long while back, I highlighted a US Thanksgiving tournament that did just that! The Pond Ice Arena in Newark, DE holds an annual tradition of hockey tournaments on the US Thanksgiving day. I look forward to it every year just to critique the logo that they design for it every year. The 2010 version (seen here) is a different choice for the tournament. It looks formal and dignified compared to the previous years of starring a cartoon anthropomorphic bird. Much like the merchandising of a lot of the professional hockey leagues, if this yearly event were a t-shirt, I would want to collect one every year!
So, I would have to congratulate all the kids and parents who braved the cold weather and sacrificed a little bit of time on the holidays! May the most deserving teams win and I will most certainly keep a patient and keen eye on what next year's tournament logo will look like!
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