Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project for Awesome 2013 - Mandi Schwartz Foundation

One of the best ways to give on the holiday season is to give to those in need. Every year, I highlight a special hockey related foundation to highlight for the Project for Awesome website campaign. It's a great way to get introduced to new funds and charities that really need the attention and money to keep hope (and awesomeness) alive into the next year.
This year, I've chosen to highlight the Mandi Schwartz Foundation because it's a situation that became a heart-felt story where a young woman was in dire need of help. Whereas I think hockey fans are so special, the true goodness in everyone shines through when one of our own is in trouble.

But as I wrote about Mandi's tragic loss in 2011, her life and personality and will to persevere is carried on through her family and friends.

Please consider giving to the Mandi Schwartz Foundation or get yourself tested as a possible bone marrow doner. It would be awesome!
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