Saturday, June 22, 2002

NHL 2002 Entry Draft and Surprise Appearance

Drama and excitement is the story from Toronto at the NHL 2002 entry draft.

First off, the opening welcome was responded to the "rude" and "disrespectful" fans in the Air Canada Center by booing the NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. He also was booed for congratulating the Carolina Hurricanes and the Stanley Cup champions, Detroit Red Wings.

There was some drama as to how the #1 pick was made. The Columbus Blue Jackets wanted to wanted to insure that they got the person they wanted. So, to screw over the Atlanta Thrashers, the Florida Panthers gave up on their #1 pick and selected third. Rick Nash of the London Ontario Knights in the OHL was the first overall selection. Jay Bowmeester went #3.

My hometown Pittsburgh Penguins have taken the defenceman Ryan Whittney of Boston University with the #5 overall pick.

On a personal note, my uncle works for the Washington "Crapitals" and got on TV when he was talking with their first draft pick. He got to hob-knob with the rich owner "Trillionaire Ted" Leonsis. He got lots of on air time as he was seen down on the floor at the represenative table. He does some of the media guides and most likely will do the profiles for the Washington draftees. My family and I are all proud of him!