Saturday, September 28, 2002

Journalist Covers All Angles

"You could be seeing the Leafs in late May again next spring. But missing the playoffs is also a distinct possibility."
- Tony Gallagher, Columnist

Way to go, Tony! That's the real sure-fire Hockey journalism that people need! Take a stand! (For some of you Canadians without a sense of humor, I was being sarcastic there.) Also, it gives me hope knowing that this is my competition in the world of Hockey Journalism. I know I'm better than this guy! Geez!

What really needs to be said... The Leafs do have a pretty good shot at going back to the playoffs this year. They've got one proven goaltender in "Unstable Eddie" Belfour, picked up some key acquisitions this summer with Fitzgerald and Shvela. The biggest sneak in the whole summer was re-signing franchise player and notorious goon, Tie Domi after they gave him up to Nashville in a trade over the summer.
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