Sunday, September 29, 2002

Recreational Observations on Special Saint Holiday

I had my day all planned out today. I was going to go to work in the morning, then go ice skating, then meet my dad, then take my sister and her boyfriend to church. September 29th is a special day for me because in the Catholic tradition it sets asside a day to honor St. Michael. I try to keep him in my thoughts and say little prayers thouout the day.

While I was at the ice rink today, I met a nice girl that works there. Chrissy. She had basically just stood on the bench side of the rink and watched everybody go by during the second hour of Public Session skate. She told me that she was a student studying psychology. I told her that I worked for WRSC and was pretty impressed. I might go back and talk to her some more some day.

Then, I noticed all my old girl-friends hanging around in the rink's lobby. They had just gotten done with a game. They lost, but I was glad to get a chance to talk to the coach and invite them on the air to be a guest of Sportsline on WRSC/WBLF sometime.

I also watched this supposed father/son outing at the rink today. The poor kid must have either been on the ice the first time or he wasn't going to use the metal "walkers". His dad held his hand as the poor kid was afraid to actually skate. The kid had these huge gloves, helmet and these really nice pair of CCM skates like he was playing hockey. I looked at the dad and his facial expressions were that of disappointment at his kid's progression. They moved an inch at a time and hugged the boards closely. I think the poor kid only went around the rink once. When I passed him just getting off the ice, I clapped for him and applauded his efforts. If I were that kid's dad, I would have been more patient and understanding than the grownup that I saw. Off the ice, the kid played on the benches right outside the rink and looked happy. I hope that the guy didn't waste a whole lot of money on the kid. Maybe he'll want to come back again.

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