Wednesday, September 11, 2002

September 11th, One year later...

I wanted to use this time to put up a small little remembrance post about all of us who were affected by the Attack on America. All of our lives were changed that day. In a special way, the entire world was changed. The Hockey sports world also was affected and did what it could to heal America.

Directly, The Los Angeles Kings were affected by losing two of their scouts. This past season they wore special patches in their honor. The New York hockey teams were also at the top by helping to raise money for charity. Buffalo Sabres created their 'one time only' third jersey replacing their buffalo head logo with a diagonal 'New York'. The Philadelphia Flyers wore special American flag patches on their orange away jerseys on the back of their uniforms. The most visual and most lasting tribute to the tragedy is the placement of a large red, white, and blue ribbon behind every goal net directly on the ice. The Washington Capitals were also sorrowful with the loss at the Pentagon.

Hockey did the best it could to heal the wounds. It focused many North Americans on who were the real heroes.

9/11/01... We will never forget.
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