Saturday, October 19, 2002

Mike Does Icers Radio as Analyst

Thanks for all the extra prayers and good vibes.

Last night I made the on air broadcast of the Penn State Ice Hockey team as the on air color analysist. Things were looking pretty bleek there for a while, I didn't know weather or not my bosses would give me the chance to voice the Icers, but when the opportunity finally came down to the wire, I was in the studio when I was told to go ahead over and help out with the broadcast.

I met Jason Mals, a crossover from the PSU student station, at the Greenberg Ice Sports Complex. He was worried about doing the broadcast by himself so he originally got some of the PSU hockey players not dressed for that game. When I met Jason, he was also profefssionaly dressed in a shirt and tie. We did our best with what was available to us. Originally, we had some problems dialing in, but once we got everything together, we were doing pretty well! We talked at length about the Icers and the upcoming Football game with Northwestern. Later, we brought the stuff back from the studio and got a tape to keep with our performance.

Penn State won 9-1 vs. Kent State.

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