Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Penguins Look for Revenge Against Rivals & Sundin Records Milestone Goal

Revenge was on the minds of the Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans as they all traveled to Toronto to wash their hands of the embarrasing 6-0 opening day loss.

There were some really stunning goals scored by Aleskey Morozov, Mario Lemieux, and Ville Neminen. Morozov hit a top shelf glove hand goal late in the third period and Neminen scored an amazing goal by skating out to the top of the key, then doing a 360 pirrouette and then with the final follow-through used a wrist shot to score a goal earlier in the third period Mario also scored an amazing goal from behind the net by banking it off of the goaltenders back. The goalie was later credited this quote:
"He's done that 100 times."
The final score was 5-4 in favor of my Penguins, but the revenge wasn't as fulfilling enough. The goaltender that was in the net the first game for the "Leaves" has been injured and did not play this game. Also, I should congratulate Mats Sundin for scoring his 400th career goal last night.

I have been really gaining respect for Toronto because I know they are really good and they are Trish Stratus' favorite team. I hope that they can build this into a new rivalry.
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