Tuesday, November 12, 2002

National Hockey League Beats Down Thugery and Goon-ism

The NHL has been reported to issue heavy penalties to a few New York Rangers because of what happened in a recent game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. What makes matters worse than having a high-priced talented team like the Rangers getting their collective ass beat by a young expansion team, but with 2.5 seconds left and losing 6-3, Coach Bryan Trottier put noted "enforcers" Krystof Oliwa and Sandy McCarthy on the ice to take the faceoff. Once the puck was dropped, the "enforcers" dropped the gloves, clobbering Grant Marshal.

Oliwa (a former Penguin and Blue Jacket) was suspended 5 games and forced to give up his salary for those games. Coach Trottier (a former Penguin player who I thought was a real class individual) was suspended for two games and McCarthy is now $1,000 less. If that wasn't enough, the Rangers organization was also fined $25,000 dollars.
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