Saturday, December 28, 2002

Former Erie Stars Scoring for World Juniors

Keeping up to date in the Hockey world, the World Junior Championships have been going on and according to the Erie Otters website, some former and current Otter Alumns have been doing great thus far. Carlo Colaiacovo helped out this native Canada shut out the powerhouse Czech Republic team today. In other news, former Erie player Michal Kokavec scored two goals to help Slovakia win against a imerging Belarus national team on Friday December 27th.They exploded with 11 goals! Way to go Slovakia! The U.S. team is 1-1 so far and is lead by many players from the NCAA level.

As of tonight, the standings look like this:

Group A:

Russia, 2-0; 4 pts.
Slovakia, 1-1; 2 pts.
Switzerland, 1-1; 2 pts.
United States, 1-1; 2 pts.
Belarus, 0-2; 0 pts.

Group B:

Canada, 2-0; 4 pts.
Finland, 2-0; 4 pts.
Czech Republic, 0-1; 0 pts.
Sweden, 0-2; 0 pts.
Germany, 0-2; 0 pts.
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