Thursday, February 13, 2003

Road Trip!!

Yesterday, my friend Dan and I took a trip to Pittsburgh to see the Penguins. It was a long trip from the middle of PA, but it was worth it going home again.

We get there and I was supposed to meet a friend of mine, but things got crossed up and I got in before with tickets. After we sat down in Mellon Arena, a row of obnoxious people kept getting up for beer. I guess they missed the announcement to wait in your seats until the next period and be considerate to other fans.

The game between the Penguins and Senators was a shutout. Unfortunately, it was a shutout for the Senators. They won 3-0.

Hedberg the goaltender tried - really, he did.

The second goal was scored by Marian Hossa and the other two was scored by an AHL call up that I never heard of. For the Penguins, my first look at the new acquires proved just what the rest of the Penguins fans on the Penguins message boards were expecting. God, WE WERE TERRIBLE!

On the way out, it was just as frustrating as watching the game. To redeem the coupons that all fans received entering the Mellon Arena, Dan and I had to go through this labyrinth of hallways down to gate three to pick up the Joe Mullen bobblehead collectible.
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