Thursday, March 27, 2003

Best Buy Commercial Features Hockey Team Fantasy

I'm sure that you've seen some of the Best Buy commercials where the customers get lost in their daydreams while playing with the displays. While watching ESPN waiting for the Thursday night game to come back on, I was really genuinely surprised at the commercial I saw next.

A man dressed in street clothes was on the rink in the middle of a game. It seems as if he is the only one playing. Ducking and weaving on the ice, but from out of nowhere and before he is pancaked along the boards by 4 NHL hockey players in full gear (and recognizable jerseys) he passes to his female companion wife/girlfriend/mistress??) who is also in street clothes, does this great little spin move at center ice and then throws a backhand through the goaltender for a goal! From there the fantasy scenario turns to some reality as the man and lady were shopping at the Best Buy store.

The recognizable team was the Minnesota Wild featured in the commercial. This would make sense since the Best Buy Co., Inc. has their home office in Minneapolis, MN.
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