Thursday, March 20, 2003

Vanbiesbrouck Accused of Using Racial Slurs

From the Ottawa Citizen
The Ontario Hockey League has fined the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds $50,000 and suspended former coach and general manager John Vanbiesbrouck indefinitely from the league for the racial slur (the "n" word") he directed at team captain Trevor Daley.
"It is imperative that the Ontario Hockey League make a strong and unambiguous statement to the effect that any statements or comments of this nature will not be tolerated by the league," Branch said in a release. Vanbiesbrouck may apply after five years for reinstatement, he said.

Cute, guys. Real cute.

I am not in the kind of mood to hear this news. I'm not defending at all for what he did, it was wrong and that word should be erased from American-English lingo, but my gosh!! The thought police are on a roll! Way to take a man's livelyhood for one stupid remark.

Like I said.. I'm not having a good week and just reports like this are rubbing me the wrong way.
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