Tuesday, April 15, 2003


The NHL playoffs have begun and already there have been some great games played out with the bracketed matchups that the NHL provided. Fighting it out in 4th and 5th seeds respectively are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers. These teams have had a long history in the past and the series has proved to be an exiting one. However, the Maple Leafs were reminded of their past when a Flyers fan brought a law suit from an incident two years ago. The Flyers fan is suing for damages after alegedly had been provoked into leaping the plexi-glass while being taunted by known goon Tie Domi. "It might be Philly trying to stir up something two years later because we're playing against them. It's two years later but, who knows, I wouldn't put it past Philly," Domi said.

Since my beloved Penguins are not in the playoffs this year, many Pittsburgh fans have asked me who should we root for now? I gave them this advice:

1.) True Penguins fans NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER root for the Flyers. If it was a game between the Flyers and Iraq with Saddam Hussein and his sons as the top line, You still don't root for the Flyers!

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