Saturday, May 10, 2003

Hockey Playoffs @ Hooters & Conference Finals Predictions

Well, I blew it big time! I had to leave Hooters last night because they were closing at midnight and the third period had just started. I can't believe that I missed a great comeback from the Minnesota Wild to win 4-2!

So far I am 66% correct on the Playoff Round Predictions. (Hey, a blind squirrell finds a nut every now and then)

Eastern Conference
Ottawa v. New Jersey
The team that just won't go away in the Eastern Division is the Ottawa Senators. They feature a European scoring threat of Alfredson (captain), Hossa and Havlat. Despite filing for bankrupsy, the Senators have continued to find ways to win - including winning the President's Trophy as the team that won the most points in the standings.The undersized and defensive minded New Jersey Devils have been riding the coat-tails of goaltender Martin Brodeur. Headmanned by Pat Burns, this team looks primed for their third Stanley Cup. Prediction: Ottawa in 6

Western Conference
Anaheim vs. Minnesota
Hot Goaltenders have been the major focus in this years playoffs. J.S. Giguere has taken the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim the furthest the NHL franchise has ever gotten. They shut down Detroit in 4 and hope to do the same to Minnesota. The current goal and point leader in the playoffs is phenom Marian Gaborik. He hopes to score Minnesota into the finals who haven't been there in 10+ years. Prediction: Mighty Ducks in 5