Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Sad Story From the Hockey Digest

The summer of 2003 issue of Hockey Digest has an article covering the tragic story of a youth hockey player near Pittsfield, Mass.

Quinn Connelly, according to the article, was diagnosed with the learning disability called dyslexia. But Quinn would find an outlet for his frustration by finding something he was good at and something he loved - hockey. His sister was his biggest supporter and fan. However, tragedy struck in early December of 2000 where Quinn was at practice. Quinn dove his body out with the purpose of blocking a shot. He turned his head back only to have the shot strike the back of the neck. It's the one small part on a hockey player that is not protected. The 1 oz. solid rubber puck crushed two arteries that connected to the brain. Quinn later died at the area hospital.
The Connally family want to give his son a lasting legacy and build a two rink sports facility for the Massachusetts community. You can read and donate to the Memorial fund by clicking on the Quinn's Legacy Foundation link.
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