Thursday, June 12, 2003

Hockey Hall of Fame Selections Announced

It's Hockey Hall of Fame selection time again. You know that you're getting old when players you remember watching as a kid are retired and getting into the Hall.

The first black hockey player to get into the Hall is Grant Fuhr. He rose to fame by goaltending for the really really good Edmonton Oilers during their dynasty run. He then moved on to other teams, most notably with St. Louis. He won 5 Stanley Cups with Edmonton and won several championships representing his native Canada in international tournament play. No mention that he was once in trouble for substance abuse.

Pat LaFontaine is one of the few members of the NHL that have played for all three NY teams. During his 15 year career he jumped from the USA Olympic team to the NY Islanders. He then became captain for the Buffalo Sabres, and only played one season with the NY Rangers before sustaining a career ending head injury in 1998. Today, Pat LaFontaine raises money for cancer and promotes the Pat LaFontaine challenge cup to the winner of the Islanders/Rangers rivalry game.
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