Monday, December 15, 2003

Hockey Home Gets Redecorated

While I was flipping around the TV dial, trying to learn the new cable channel switch, I came on The Learning Channel (TLC) and airing the show While You Were Out. It is about a team of redecorating experts that collude with people challenged with redesigning a room in the house while another person is away.

During this particular episode, a loving wife decided that the downstairs bar/hockey room should be converted to THE ULTIMATE HOCKEY BAR.

I loved it. They had hockey sticks coming down the banister, white walls with a Center Red stripe across the middle, and a large digital TV. I wanted to do the same exact thing to my own room. I wouldn't mind a Maple Leafs theme, but maybe a black and gold Penguins theme would be even better.

It was even cooler that the highlighted family was Canadian and Maple Leafs fans. The TLC team all worked in replica Toronto jerseys.
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