Monday, January 05, 2004

Phenom Fleury Goofs at World Juniors

A failed clearing pass by Canada's goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury ended up in his own net with 5:12 left and gave the United States a 4-3 victory in the world junior hockey championship game Monday. Zach Parise, of North Dakota was chosen MVP of the tournament
Another legendary moment goes down in history fueling the rivalry between the United States and Team Canada. The talk of the "Steel town" is that Marc-Andre Fleury will be undergoing scrutiny as to his confidence level and how he would perform in the NHL post-clearing pass mistake. Some die-hard Canadian fans are taking the loss pretty hard as a big dissapointment. The World Juniors are supposed to be a exhibition of young talent for the future, but what does that say for hockey in North America to compete at a dominant level? Team Canada may have fallen a few pegs on the food chain.
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