Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Updates on Two of My Non-Favorite Players

In the latest news of comings and goings in the NHL today,...

Dany Heatly returned to the ice tonight after 4 long months of rehab after suffering injuries sustained in a car accident. The accident also killed teammate Dan Snyder. Since that has happened, it has colored my opinion on Mr. Heatly. His reported careless actions behind the wheel does not signify a strength of character. The Thrashers tied the Blues 1-1.

Speaking of "strength of character"....

Eric Lindros leaves tonight's game against the Capitals for sustaining a yet unheralded 8th concussion. Skating with his head down along the bench boards, Lindros runs into a wall #54 [Jason Doig]. You'll remember that Lindros was traded to the Rangers after suffering a 7th concussion while playing for the Flyers.
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