Monday, March 08, 2004


Has this ever happened to you???

I was playing NHL 2004 for Playstation 2 simulating a game using the up to the minute rosters of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars. In the first period, I noticed that former Leaf, Shayne Corson, did not have the correct jersey number on him when I started the game. He did haunt his former teammates with a goal in the 1st period. Disappointed that my new favorite team in the Leafs were losing 2-1 at the first intermission, I turned off the game in favor of updating a few things on the Dallas roster.

When I went back and re-simulated (meaning I played the game, as I often do, by having the computer control both teams) the Toronto v. Dallas exhibition, I noticed that it picked up right where I had left it. The first period goals were exactly the same. Morrow and Corson both scored in the same manner exactly.

Is this how things work out in real life? I don't know!
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