Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hockey is officially a laughing stock

PM to hockey: 'clean up your act'

In what I thought would be a true return of some interest to covering hockey, "we fans" now see the public relations disaster spreading in the media. Their bias against the NHL is only fueled by the latest controversial incident involving Todd Bertuzzi #44 of the Vancouver Canucks and Steve More #36 of the Colorado Avalanche.
Apparently, there was some bad blood between 'Couver and Moore who was alleged to have taken a hit on Naslund some time ago. Bertuzzi saw fit to stalk him on the ice and sucker punch him from behind. Moore hit the ice with such force it broke his neck and now puts his career in jepardy.
"I don't think it's given Canada a black eye, but I certainly don't think it's helped hockey,'' said Liberal PM Paul Martin.

Indeed, Mr. Martin. This is not good for the casual fan who won't put up with said antics. ESPN, CNN, CNN | HN, Fox Sports are all talking about it, but holding a negative referendum on the violence. The anti-hockey crowd is just licking their chops with the negative spin.
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