Saturday, March 06, 2004

No I didn't quit! Honest!

Seeing the need for a reputation revamp, Dallas Stars Shayne Corson lashes out at his former teammates, organization, fans and Toronto media by offering his reasons for quitting on his team during last year's playoffs. You can read it here, or you can go to TSN's NHL Network web page for the story.
"Hey, if I screw up on the ice, criticize me. I'm man enough. I'll take the heat. It's part of the job. But some of that stuff . . . I just wasn't healthy enough to make any sort of contribution to the team. People can believe what they want, but that's the truth."

He blames his behavior last year on panic-anxiety attacks, for which he's sought out additional professional help. He's also changed medicine and the results have been remarkable.
Spin it any way you like, Shayne, I hope you got help for your issues, but you still QUIT!!!
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