Monday, May 03, 2004

Detroit Red Wings Eliminated

Na na na na... na na na na.. hey hey hey.. goodbye!

The Detroit Red Wings were eliminated tonight by the Calgary Flames to advance to the Conference finals.

Canadian fans who have been getting upset that our "Yankee" streak of winning the Stanley Cup and keeping it to American soil can breathe a sigh of relief.
Calgary still has yet to face the winner of the Avalanche/Sharks series. They also have the ace in the hole, riding their success on the back of Sharks castaway Miikka Kiprusoff. "Hey guys! Remember me?"

Farewell to Steve Yzerman, the "Rock of Gibraltar", on the aging Detroit squad. He was hurt in a previous game in the Flames series ending his season. With the CBA/Strike making things hazy for a future season, it's speculative that Yzerman will retire.
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