Thursday, July 01, 2004

Canada Day Championships 2004

Back in 2002 and inspired by a surge of interest in Canadian culture, I had decided to spend July 1st simulating hockey games on my Playstation.
This year, the tradition continues!
Like last year, I chose to simulate a national style tournament instead of a "one and done" format like 2002. I set up two pools, eastern and western, with the 6 remaining NHL Canadian teams and the 2 transplanted teams in USA that used to represent Quebec and Winnepeg. There they each played two games a piece to decide the tournament seatings.
I also used up to the minute rosters barring free agent or injury status, however, I did remove the players who retired or chose to sign with European teams.
This tournament this year was an all Quebec final as the Nordiques met up with their rival Montreal. I suppose it was the additions of Bonk and Kovalev that improved the Canadians this year. It was a strong match up even to the overtime.
Steve Begin scored in the extra tie breaking session this year to put Montreal 3-2. Quebec put up a valient effort, though. The leading scorers in the tournament was Joe Sakic (6-6-12) and Ryan Smyth (7-4-12).

Previous Canada Day Champions
2002: Toronto Maple Leafs
2003: Edmonton Oilers

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