Saturday, July 03, 2004

Editorial in Toronto Sun Proves Cherry Right and Left with Egg on their Face

With a humongous three patriotic cheers for Debbye living and working in Toronto, ON go check out her blog. I highly endorse it. Being American in T.O. Trackback

The link shown takes you to a post she made about the ongoing saga of controversial coach turned broadcaster Don Cherry of the CBC. The Editorial in the Toronto Sun suggests that Coach Cherry would have to undergo some sort of sensitivity training to understand why the Bloc Quebecois is so super-sensitive and hyper-offended. It goes on to say that an independent audit supports that hockey players who wear face shields are "Europeans and French guys".

I just can't understand what the heck is so controversial about this statement. Coach Cherry is now proven to be stating a fact and people have to get all huffy-and-puffy about it.

Get over yourselves, Quebec.
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