Friday, July 09, 2004

Free Agency Unaffected by CBA Uncertainty

In the summer off season months, the NHL owners and general managers assess their standings while going over their financial and player needs. But this year is unique as both players and owners don't know what is in store for the future of the league.

This summer has brought on some surprising signings already since the free agency season started on July 1st.

Mark Recchi has returned to the team that drafted him today as the Penguins have signed him to a deal with the terms of the deal not disclosed. The theory around town here is that the Penguins and Recchi don't want to affect any other NHL signings in the market by "comparison shopping". Thus keeping it on "the down low".

Gretzky's Coyotes have been throwing around some money signing 2 NHL veterans so far. Red Wings' Devereaux and the Sharks Ricci have signed deals to play in Glendale, AZ. Two good pick ups for them... a team that still doesn't have a coach.

Boston Bruins captain Joe Thorton decided to go to Europe during what he expects to be a long lock out. There is a clause in the Swiss team contract that states he can go back to the NHL once the CBA is resolved.
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