Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Phasing out of Cheerleading in Hockey?

Well, I was shocked and disappointed to read on my hometown team's website that the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to create a new squad called "Penguins Patrol."

They are calling for young women (at least 19 years of age) to walk around the Mellon Arena and do the PR work with the fans. It's a lot like the "Spirit Squad" that they had this year, but not with the costumes or dancing.

Of course, I could take this post and start talking about the cheerleading in hockey, but I'd skewer off to a tangent and talk about my ax to grind with an evil Canadian website.. I'm not in the mood to right now though.

Feel free to check out the link above and give me your feedback about hockey maybe needing cheerleaders.
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