Thursday, September 02, 2004

Russia defeats USA

Team USA is 0-2 so far in preliminary action in the World Cup. What's worse is that the loss came on Hockey USA soil in the X-Cell Energy center St. Paul, Minnesota.

Since the hit movie "Miracle", every time now that America and Russia play, thoughts are directed to the 1980 Lake Placid team. Thereby making any game afterwards a rematch of that legendary game.

The Canadians should take a tip from America on how to make a fashionable "throwback jersey". The Americans wore a jersey styled after one of their first teams to play in the 1920's. That was the only good thing about tonight.

It looked as if Team USA were caught off guard or expected to roll over the reported limping Russian team. To USA's credit, goalie Robert Esche fought off the Russian attack nobly. But Alexei Kovalev hit a wrist shot from the goal line a-la Lemieux that surprised everyone watching.

Again, Flyers forward Jeremy Roenick, who chose not to participate, got his action in the broadcast booth by getting so riled up he threw a couple of body checks into Bill Clement and Gary Thorn of ESPN. He was so unprofessional. It only makes the gambling problem story more believable.
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