Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things Get Overlooked During Work Stoppage

While the NHL and NHLPA were wasting time again... acting and playing the stare down game to see who blinks first. It's clear to me just how stubborn these people are being. They had a meeting with NHL reps and basically made small talk. According to the Yahoo! Sports article via AP, Daly, Saskin meet, but not to talk about lockout THANKS FOR WASTING TWO MONTHS!

anyway, certain things can take a back seat to the prevailing stupidity, but they really shouldn't. The National Hockey league and the hockey fans from all over the world have always been supportive of Cancer charities. It doesn't hit any closer to home than when the news came out that Pat Burns had to wrap the trap defense around the colon cancer that now threatens his life. The Yahoo! Sports News article expresses what the former Stanley Cup winning coach does to get through the chemo. Please keep Coach Burns in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

October is Men's Health awareness month. Guys.. make sure you have your regular check-ups!
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