Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Readers tips prompt a special entry

Since there is very little news in the world of hockey on the pro circuit, I was surprised to find a few e-mails in the Inbox from some of my readers linking me to interesting news stories. I guess I will make a whole new entry about them here.

First off, my friend Kelly (a.k.a. "The Patriette") had sent me a link about a Canadian college that was teaching a course in what else... HOCKEY! But since the original Yahoo AP story doesn't work anymore, I'll link you over to the Miami Herald where the story is there for your perusal. But after reading the link, I thought to myself, "Self, didn't you write on something like this before?" and so I looked through my archives and found that at the same time last year there was a news story just like this. Apparently, this is the second year that he's done this.

Then, if you checked out the remarks left behind from Eve, she sends me a URL that says the G4 Tech TV channel is simulating the NHL by using the EA Sports brand of games to keep up to date. The Pittsburgh Penguins aren't doing that well... wallowing next to the bottom of the Atlantic Division. Only the NY Rangers are worse. (which is a good thing! hehehe) If the league did start on time, maybe this is what the league would look like.
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