Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Much Ado about no Crosby

Continuing to follow the media hype surrounding Sidney Crosby, I've found two articles talking about how Crosby is allegedly starting to think ahead to a pro career and just wants his time in Quebec Junior hockey over with.

Controversial (but well respected here) Coach Don Cherry hammered Crosby for bowing out of the Prospects Game held recently in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Here's the link: Crosby vs. Cherry
Coach Cherry says that Crosby must be superhuman to have a quick turnaround. Crosby is back to his old form and playing great. Perhaps a little rest was needed.... or maybe he's thinking about displaying his skills professionally and not waste them on the junior level. Show me the money!!!!!!!

If he thinks he's going to jump to the pro's next year, Crosby may have to wait a while longer. According to this Yahoo! article, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League President has stated that if there is a lockout, Sidney Crosby must go back to juniors and remain a junior league player and complete his current team commitments. I suspect Crosby will challenge this ruling and if the chance comes, I'd bet Crosby will take it. It may make him into the "Maurice Clarett" of hockey.
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