Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Calgary Teams Merge

It's not too common for other minor sports teams to be owned by some of the major owners. But rarely will news like this make history in Canada. As I'm dialing up the FAN 590 website and their headlining news is about the merger of an NHL hockey franchise and the CFL football franchise.
Rogers Sportsnet has reported that final preparations are underway to combine the two franchises with the Flames buying a minority stake in the Stampeders. They hope that all summer long, the Flames will benefit through a cross promotional package of the two teams. Apparently, the buzz word in the talking points memo is "synergy".
"As a minority partner we are prepared to assist in any way they deem appropriate and will be seeking synergies that are mutually beneficial to both organizations."

I think this is a good deal for the Flames who has been looking for more ways to entrench themselves into the Calgary culture. It began a few years ago with the Flame's black 3rd jersey featuring the horse's head logo. The "dirty little secret" is that the Flames are not born Canadian,... but the fans in Alberta have embraced the team regardless and made them their own since making the Stanley Cup finals last season.
Here's the company lines with their websites regarding the matter.
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