Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shanahan Picks the Scabs

Through my searches around the internet, I came up on a new blog that apparently have been reading my blog and had a link, but never bothered to tell me about it. Behind the Jersey is a well-done hockey blog that is dedicated to the Detroit Red Wings. I like the dark maroon color layout, and the writing is top notch thus far. I encourage all of you to give her perspective a look every now and then. Especially since my concentration of interest doesn't always bring me back to Motown/Motor City.

The blog above talks about the report in the CBC website about Red Wings veteran Brendan "Shanny" Shanahan speaks out about his stance on the thought of using replacement players in time for the next season. When the lockout first started, we didn't get stories like this, but with "Shanny" apparently he felt no heavy breath of Goodenow down his neck.
"I think it's a two-way street and if we can go down and play in some of their leagues then they can certainly come up and be replacement players in the NHL," he said.
A sure sign that Goodenow's Kool-aid is wearing off on some of the veteran players who were once in lock step to the mantra of "no salary cap".

But if you look a little closer to "Shanny's" thoughts, one can almost get the aire of condescension to the career minor league players. I'll go on record to say that "Shanny" was probably trying to convey some reality to other NHL superstar peers, but in the long run, I think he might accidentally convey the opposite. "Shanny" gets it right. Playing in the NHL is not a right. It is a privilege. There are plenty of guys in "the U" or the AHL... or heck... even guys in Europe who would give anything to be an NHL player. Go back and read it again. I think there's some upturned noses at the minor league players who have yet to crack the major league lineup. What the hell does "Shanny" mean when he says "go down to play in their leagues"? Is it that much of a demotion and degradation to put on an AHL uniform?

It didn't take long for "Shanny's" comments to be responded to by the Kool-aid© drinkers in the Union. I traveled over to The Ice Block website to see it with a new design and easy-to-read style. The Ice Block comments on Turco's Union/Utopia. Marty Turco is the Dallas Star's main goaltender after running Belfour out. It seems as if he's really angered at even the thought of scabs in the NHL. I'd take his words seriously. If any of the replacement players' cars were turned over, do you think Turco would be strong enough to pull it off? Like I said,.... what's in the Kool-aid©, Turco?
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