Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Parents don't let your kids grow up to be hockey players!

So, as I was sitting around at my computer, I jaunted over to the kitchen area and caught some news about my Uncle in the D.C. area.

According to my mother, he separated his shoulder late Monday night in a pick-up hockey game when somebody checked him into the boards. He reportedly came home at about 1 AM, but the next morning asked his wife if they had anything stronger than aspirin in the house. He went to the doctor and x-rays confirmed that his shoulder was indeed separated.

The interesting part was that my mom told me in the report about my uncle was that they chose not tell my cousin how it happened for fear that my cousin might play too scared for his pee-wee traveling team. I was a little upset about that. I told my mom that I thought it was wrong to be coddling him.

So, I wanted to make this into a post here as an example of how it should be dealt with. Injuries are a part of sports - especially hockey! Parents who want their children to succeed in sports at a young age should be informed fully of the risks inherent with contact sports. It is a very real possibility that my cousin or my uncle could get hurt again someday.
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