Saturday, May 07, 2005

AHL Gains in Lockout with Raise in Interest Levels

What seems as an obvious result to hockey fans who have been waiting for the NHL to start again, Money magazines are starting to chart the growth that other leagues have had and the impact of the NHL lockout.
After two down years, at the end of February AHL attendance was up 9%, to about 4.7 million. Teams in Bridgeport, Chicago, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia had jumps of more than 10%. Even the smallest-market teams and their small-business owners have seen a boon.
That's really interesting when you consider that these cities aren't considered big hockey towns. Heck, at the way that Blackhawks fans have been treated these past few years, it's a wonder why they even bother to show up in Chicago. Philly is no surprise. At least they're supporting their own home grown talent.

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