Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love hockey, can we talk?

There have been some media sources that try to capture the fan's reaction to sports and the games, but who really wants to know what Joe-Shmo thinks! Weather you're Ashley Judd, Spike Lee, Jack Nicholson at center court, modern celebrities are always trying to catch the camera's eye for the cheap publicity to be seen at a sporting event.

Hockey has it's list of celebrity fans. According to CTV, Entertainment gossip queen/red carpet critic, Joan Rivers admitted in an interview to loving ice hockey.

I guess she wanted to have her Canadian fans relate to her when she is preparing to tour Quebec and Ontario soon. When she was asked who her favorite team was:
"Who cares?" she shouts. "My assistant's father owned a team down here in New York called the Islanders that always lost. Then he sold the team and it started to win. That was the only name I ever learned."
I'm not sure this is a big plus for hockey. Basketball still has the hipster celebrity fans. But, at least Joan Rivers isn't afraid to admit it!

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