Saturday, June 18, 2005

Feeling hockey deprived? Check out these sites!

The complete lack of hockey news is really starting to bore a lot of the bloggers and journalists. So, I'm just going to make a new post (like I promised I would) about some new friends that I've made along my journeys through the world wide web.

Zany Sports Lady one day responded to my post and I went to check out her site. "Zany" a sports writer from Dallas who's energetic and desire for sports is really refreshing. In a male dominated medium, "Zany" is the best of what she does updating her blog page 5 days a week. Her cohort and sidekick, Miss Kelly, (assuming that is her role) has taken on the task of promoting hockey in a land where hockey is considered mismatched - Texas. It's certainly an admirable endeavor to which I wish her the best of luck. I highly encourage my readers to check out and buy her stuff at Cafe Press. I've permanently added her link in the "misc" section for future reference.

Hockey Attitude is another website/vendor that I have now chosen endorse during the lockout. They seem to not even be worse for wear when the lack of news or material to put up on their site. I also love all of the t-shirts and other prints that are on their Cafe Press store. Hockey Attitude is hockey from a humorous and not so serious side. Give their page a good look through!

Okay... that's about all I have for now. Check out all the other links that I've provided to the right! Of course, you can always buy a t-shirt or some other merchandise about this blog too!
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