Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Crosby, Agent Getting Wooed by Swiss

It may cause some naive and gullible hockey fans to panic a little, but the latest Sidney "Rhinestone Cowboy" Crosby news has him getting offers from a professional hockey team in Europe.

Just like Ovechkin and other anticipated phenom rookies, Crosby is only doing this in self interest. If the NHL drags out farther, Crosby wants to start his pro career on time. If that happens, Crosby may be pushing against the idea of a rookie salary cap.
The next collective bargaining agreement is believed to cap entry-level salaries to a maximum of $850,000 a season over three years, the same amount it was 10 years ago. Hard-to-reach bonuses could be worth as much as $3 million but they won't be gimmes like the previous deal.
I think that this is the modern day dilemma of the original WHA in their heyday. Wayne Gretzky, who Crosby is often compared to, was originally a WHA player signing with the WHA Edmonton Oilers. Only time will tell if the NHL can sell themselves back to the players and earn their trust again. If not, the NHL stars may go back to Europe and this time decide to stay there.

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