Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don Cherry Returns to CBC and HNIC Coach's Corner

The Don of the Hockey Universe, the much maligned and misunderstood Don Cherry, expressed the eager need to get back behind the CBC desk and take his rightful chair in front of the Hockey Night in Canada sign.
Cherry, who expects to be back on the Hockey Night crew when the season resumes in October, said he feels for the players who he believes are the lockout's biggest losers.
I disagree with the Coach here. (Yes, I'm shocked too.) The only true losers here are THE FANS - the ones that were denied the privilege of watching NHL professional hockey this past season.

Coach Cherry was a constant source of reasonable opinion about the lockout. He chastised the player's Union for being stubborn for change in the league's revenue system and possibly taking jobs away from European League players. However, in this article, he is trying to win back the hearts of the current crop of players.
"I feel so sorry for some of the older players who could have played last year and won't be back," Cherry said last night in an interview. "A lot of them will have to retire. "It's sad because I'm a players' guy. And it will be the middle-class guys as usual who get it in the ear."
Perhaps there was a typo at the end of that sentence. Seems like an "r" should fit with that last word.
"Everybody starts fresh now with the same opportunity," Cherry said. "There are no excuses for GMs who say they don't have money.
Of course, the NHL owners group wanted to "idiot proof" the NHL for future generations, but it won't be for long before somebody comes along and builds a bigger idiot.

[Via: CANOE - SLAM! Sports]
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