Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Quench Your Thirst With Crosby

Sidney Crosby drinks Gatorade - you should to! That is what the next sports drink advertisement should say come this November.
Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson of IMG, would not discuss financial terms of the Gatorade deal. "We've been talking with many brands in different categories," Brisson said. "But also, Sidney doesn't want to be a walking billboard."
The greatest NHL player never to have played 1 NHL game has again taken a large check to the bank. Sidney Crosby joins a whole history of great athletes who have endorsed the popular drink. My only question now is... who's going to notice the conflict of interest when Crosby is sitting on the bench or in the penalty box surrounded by the Powerade logo or takes a gulp from one of it's bottles? You do know that Powerade is the official sponsor of the NHL?
Gatorade issued a news release and Crosby made an appearance Tuesday afternoon at a Sobeys grocery story in his Cole Harbour neighborhood in Halifax.

What's with the cheap stuff Gatorade? Reebok sprung out the monopoly money to ship him to the ACC and parked him in front of the press. All you could do for him is say hello in a grocery store? What's Keith Jackson pulling down that you couldn't afford a little nicer backdrop?
He said the contract was actually signed a couple of months ago, but Gatorade wanted to prepare a promotional campaign involving Crosby and the new X-Factor drink before making the announcement.
Ah, so this is a little timed in anticipation that we may finally learn where Crosby may wind up starting his career. The last kid phenom in the business that had this many sponsors jumping in front of him was LaBron James of the NBA - and he turned out okay!

[Via: TSN.ca]
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