Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No Sympathy from Coach Cherry in CBC Lockout

Oh no... not another lockout situation.

Canadians everywhere cheered when the NHL would finally be seen on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. All was right with the world when Coach Cherry was cleared to do his thing and HNIC would return to television. But a wrench has been thrown in by the uneasy labor negotiations. Of course, you have to go to the expert source on lockouts - Don Cherry.
"It's a funny thing that I didn't even know I was in the union until you told me," he said. "That's how many times they've been in contact with me."

"All the times that I've been hanging by a thread, 99 per cent being fired, I never once had a call from the union saying, 'We support you, Don.' And now that they're in trouble, I'm supposed to say I support them?"
To respond, Media Guild National President Lise Lareau said basically - 'okay, maybe we deserved that one!'
"Don's problems with the CBC over the years involving statements he's made on Hockey Night In Canada were never collective agreement issues," she said. "They were individual issues between him and CBC management about content. We don't usually get involved in those sorts of things.... but I understand if he feels he's on his own."
Weather or not this situation can be resolved by the time the NHIC broadcasts the new NHL remains a very interesting and developing story.

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