Tuesday, September 13, 2005

NHL, XM Pair Up for the Next Decade

The NHL announced a great deal that they have come to terms with XM Satellite Radio to be the exclusive satellite broadcasters for the next 10 years. The contract is set to net the NHL $100,000,000(US).

There is also in the works a satellite channel dedicated to hockey 24/7 for the XM network. I like this move that shows that the NHL is again a viable option to the broadcast markets. The NHL is taking a giant step forward to re-launching it's brand on new and innovative broadcast mediums. It's deal with Comcast's OLN only shows that the NHL is willing to go out and get more revenue for itself that it so badly needs. Of course, this will also give me yet another career goal option to be excited about.

According to a FAN 590 radio interview, NHL Pres. Bettman appeared on the Primetime w/Bob McCown show at 6pm today to talk more about it. He stated that they have also extended their agreement with Satellite Radio Canada so that hockey fans there can enjoy the same broadcasts that Americans do.

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