Thursday, October 20, 2005

AHL Welcomes New Cincinnati Team

I just came accross this little bit of news tonight. I had plans to update you on the AHL standings in the beginning of their season. However, I thought you all would get a good laugh out of this bit of news.

If I told you the word "Railraiders" what would you think of?

Okay.... if your next thought is of the new AHL team in Cincinnati, OH. Then you would be correct! That's right folks, since the Ducks flew the Ohio coup this past summer, the name of the new team replacing them is the Cincinnati Railraiders. Yes, that is a good logo. The Hockey Company (a.k.a. Reebok) came up with the logo design.

Compose yourselves.

Okay. So, if you read around their website and it's got a lot of good things to say about the history of the American Railroad and how it pertains to the Ohio region.
"We put a lot of time, thought and energy into our new identity and we are thrilled with the outcome," RailRaiders President and CEO Pete Robinson said. "We wanted a name that was indigenous to Cincinnati and symbolized the elements of speed, power and strength. The city’s history with the train system, Union Terminal, the first U.S. train robbery and the fact hockey had become derailed in the market and our desire to get it back on track made the train concept a natural in our search for a new name."
It looks as if they are going to try to court the Edmonton Oilers or perhaps another team that currently does not have an AHL affiliate. The silver and blue colors would look familiar to that franchise. They have yet to announce their NHL affiliation.

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