Thursday, November 10, 2005

[Because YOU Demanded It] Legacy of Hockeytown

As a result of a reader leaving remarks in the comment section, I was placed with the task to find out all I should know about the goaltender - Manny Legacy.

At first glance, I thought that this is the type of guy that would be probably approachable to maybe go have a beer with, or two, or three. Then the next thing I noticed was the art design on his mask. That looks pretty neat. It honors the Motor City's fetish with the 8-legged cephalopod and their rich tradition of making them appear on the ice surface. Then, I did a little internet sleuthing and discovered that he hasn't really dated anybody famous or did anything unsuspecting or against the law (even in Canada).

I then checked out is stats in several sources. This season, he's holding on to a 1.94 GAA (2.20 career) which is phenomenal with the increase in scoring. He's held numerous minor league and junior titles such as being named to lots of all star teams. On the negative side, he has been out with a groin injury, but it seems to not have really stopped him that much. He's listed at as being 5'9" and 165lbs. That's really on the small side.

His career so far has put him with several teams before landing himself in Motown. Originally drafted by the Whalers, Legacy is now the man in the net to carry out a tradition of winning set by his predecessors: Hasek, Joseph, and Osgood. Currently, he maintains a good friendship with his teammate Chris Osgood.

Lastly, here is also a little bit of trivia. Legace also guarded the cage for his hometown team the defunct RHI's Toronto Planets.
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