Monday, January 23, 2006

Battle of Pennsylvania @ Blogspot: 6th Installment

Back to the drawing board for the Penguins who just can't seem to score a win for a city that is desperately trying to hold on to the future.

The Penguins again took to the ice against the Philadelphia Flyers to challenge themselves in what is to be believed a new franchise milestone low point. The one thing on their mind is losing 10 games in a row. Marc-Andre Fleury again took the net and opposing him was new familiar face Antero Niittymaki.

The first period was key to the Penguins for them psychologically. They tried not to let the Flyers be the first to "strike blood" by scoring the first goal. Pittsburgh took on many tick-tack hooking and holding calls and spent 8 total minutes on the pentalty kill. The Penguins were almost over the hump, but 46 seconds left in the first period, Michal Handzus scored his 8th goal, another softie, for the Flyers to go to the intermission leading 1-0.

The second period was rough, but the Flyers again put the pressure by trying to draw more penalties. Sammi Kapanen was assessed a diving penalty after Sid Crosby was assessed a holding call. That's funny. Two diving calls in consecutive games who's coach (Hitchcock) railed against such behavior? Of course, the haters in Philly were out in force, booing Crosby every time he touched the puck.
"It's always tough to lose when you're that close," said center Sidney Crosby, who had his 31st assist. "We played two pretty good hockey games. But hanging our heads and getting frustrated over it is not going to help us in the next game or the long run."
Does that sound like a whiney spoiled brat to you?

The third period was when the dam broke and despite Recci's and Ouellet's best efforts to tie the game at 2-2 late in the period, Mike Knuble scored his 22nd with helpers from Forsberg and Hatcher. Then the most embarrassing slap in the face came with a empty net goal off the faceoff with 5 seconds left in the game trickling down the opposite end of the ice and credited to Simon Gagne.

Flyers win 4-2.

[Via: Yahoo! Sports]
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